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What revision courses do you currently provide?

We currently provide MRCEM Primary and MRCEM Intermediate revision courses.

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MRCEM Primary

MRCEM Intermediate

How many unique questions do you have on your revision courses?

Our MRCEM Primary Revision Course has over 3100 original single best answer questions covering core topics including: anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, pathology and evidence based medicine.

Our MRCEM Intermediate Revision Course has over 1800 original single best answer questions covering the relevant basic science, epidemiology, differential diagnosis, investigation and management of the full scope of presentations and clinical conditions as defined by the 2021 RCEM Clinical Syllabus.

We are continually updating and expanding our question bank with real questions seen in the exams each year.

Who writes the questions for your revision courses?

All of our questions are written and reviewed by a team of doctors with first hand experience of the MRCEM Primary and MRCEM Intermediate examinations.

We use real questions from exams that have been submitted by previous users after sitting their exams.

We also write original questions based on the RCEM Clinical Syllabus and Basic Science Curriculum with a focus on only including material that may be tested in the real exam.

We continually seek feedback and question submissions to ensure our questions remain representative and up to date.

When are new questions added to your revision courses?

We are continually reviewing, updating and expanding our question bank to ensure our questions represent what you will experience in the actual exam.

We ask our users to submit questions they have seen in the exam and try to add these to our database as soon as possible for future candidates.

Can I download the questions or notes to use offline?

Our system is designed to be used as an online interactive system. This is how you best experience the full features of the website including dynamic feedback, progress tracking and comparison with other candidates.

Our system does not allow the copying of any material to be used offline or shared. This violates our Terms and Conditions. The website is fitted with software to stop copying and any users found attempting to copy or share materials will have their membership terminated without refund.

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