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Giving you access to over 3000 original Single Best Answer (SBA) questions in the correct format, pitched at the appropriate level of difficulty for the exam, and including questions on: Anatomy, Microbiology, Pathology, Pharmacology, Physiology and Evidence Based Medicine. Our questions are developed using previous exam questions, the exam blueprint and the RCEM Basic Science Curriculum, and are continually reviewed and updated.

Question and Answer Review

Providing detailed answers and explanations containing useful exam tips and aid memoirs to facilitate your understanding of core principles and maximise knowledge retention. Your revision sessions and mock exams are logged automatically where you can filter by category and score allowing you to review questions to reinforce key learning points. Our question flag feature allows you to tag specific questions and answers that you find particularly helpful.

Intelligent Textbook Design

Containing hundreds of in-depth revision notes covering the most relevant revision topics mapped to the RCEM Basic Science Curriculum. Our comprehensive textbook articles present key information in an accessible format and contain high quality images, diagrams and tables to aid visual learning. Our bookmark feature allows you to save notable articles for review at a later date and our dynamic search function allows you to search by category or keyword for specific topics.

Revision Mode

Allowing you to set your own filters to revise questions by category, with options to view new questions, exam recalls, flagged questions or questions that have been answered incorrectly. Building personalised revision sessions allows you to focus your revision and target your weaker areas. Your answers are scored instantly and compared against other users for dynamic feedback, maximising your revision time and helping you to revise as efficiently as possible.

Exam Mode

Helping you to build your confidence and simulate your exam day with the correct format, time pressures, number of questions and topic spread as the real exam. Unlimited mock exams are generated randomly from our question bank in the exact distribution of the exam. Our timer function ensures you can practice keeping to time but allows you to pause and restart the exam should you be interrupted or called away.

Performance Feedback

Continuous score analysis with enhanced statistical feedback helps you to keep track of your revision progress and build confidence in preparation for the exam. Detailed performance graphs with weekly progress summaries show how you are currently performing and benchmark you against your peers. Your progress through the question bank is tracked to ensure no area of the curriculum is missed and subject specific score analysis allows you to target your revision.

Extra Features

  • Fully personalised learning environment with user-friendly dashboard
  • Flexible account settings with ability to easily extend membership
  • User feedback feature facilitating continual website improvement
  • Compatibility with all mobile and tablet devices to allow revision on the go
  • Highly responsive customer service team to assist with questions or concerns


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  • "

    I passed my Primary exam first attempt, all thanks to MRCEM Success. I used this as my primary resource and found it well laid out and ample for exam purposes as per the blueprint by RCEM. The user interface is the best by far, makes learning very easy. I would definitely recommend MRCEM Success to everyone going for this exam!

    Dr Zaid Khan (Primary)
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    It’s an incredible source of learning in every aspect. The question bank is exceptional with concise illustrations, well drafted textbook with precise information, including latest guidelines. It’s all because of MRCEM Success subscription that I was able to clear my MRCEM primary as well as MRCEM Intermediate in my first attempt with ease. I would highly recommend it to all those aspiring candidates who are planning it in the future.

    Dr Parey Farooq (Intermediate)
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    Very user friendly, prompt feedback and review of questions when feedback provided. I found it easier to use than other services such as MRCEM Exam Prep, and the topics more appropriate and better mapped to the curriculum.

    Anon (Intermediate)
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    I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the immense educational support through this online revision portal. I have passed both the MRCEM Primary (December 2017) and Intermediate (March 2018) on the first attempt each. I found this revision portal to be the most comprehensive in knowledge and the mock exams were extremely helpful in my preparations for the exams. Thank you.

    Dr Mwarangu, UK (Intermediate)
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    I couldn’t believe it when I saw the result that I passed MRCEM Primary on the FIRST attempt. All credit goes to MRCEM Success. The question bank is extensive, covering all the curriculum, and value for money too. This bank is the only one very close to the exam format and question type. I have no hesitation to recommend only MRCEM Success for Primary preparation.

    Dr Irfan, Emergency Medicine Trainee, UK (Primary)
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    I would like to take this opportunity to thank MRCEM Success for getting me through the MRCEM Primary exam. The information and knowledge provided is awesome. The notes after each question are elaborated in a perfect way. I didn’t use any source other than this website and I cleared it with ease. Highly recommended for all who are preparing to appear in the future exam.

    Dr Parray, India (Primary)
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    Just so appreciative for this website. Sat the exam today and felt like I understood what was really being tested after doing MRCEM Success questions. Will 100% endorse this website over MRCEM Exam Prep having tried the others.

    Dr S Bhullar, UK (Intermediate)
  • "

    The questions are so similar to the MRCEM Intermediate exam, more so than any other website. Good notes after each question. Good feedback service for each question I didn’t understand and thought was incorrect. Fast responses and great teaching – as good as a personal tutor!

    Dr Thompson, CT2 Emergency Medicine, UK (Intermediate)
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    This is a wonderful resource. I didn’t expect much from my first attempt, especially since the format is a new one, but thanks to MRCEM Success, I managed to pull it off! Very good basics can be obtained from the explanations provided with little need to read beyond that. Highly, highly recommended study tool. Excellent value for money too.

    Dr Q, Emergency Medicine Specialist, UAE (Primary)
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    I’m very happy that I have cleared the MRCEM Primary exam. I have been after it for a long time and have finally nailed it for good. The credit goes to MRCEM Success because you have prepared good material content and it helped me a lot. Your explanations are beyond excellent. Thank you, keep up the good work.

    Dr Kumar (Primary)
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    I have already recommended MRCEM Success to hundreds of people through social networks because I believe that this is the closest to the real exam.

    Dr Ali (Primary)
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    Thank you MRCEM Success for helping me to pass the exam. The subcategories in each subject and the availability of previous results helped me to correct the mistakes I had made. The topics you have covered gave a good platform to learn the basics as per the curriculum. With that base I was able to reason out many of the clinical questions. Repeated revision was helpful.

    Dr Reddy, Emergency Medicine Trainee, UK (Primary)
  • "

    MRCEM Success did a great job, very well prepared questions with excellent answers. Highly recommended.

    Dr Khan, UK (Primary)
  • "

    Dear MRCEM Success team, thank you so much for your site. It is well organised and useful, and contains a lot of information and explanations. Thanks also for your fast responses to my questions and enquiries.

    Dr Alhaddad (Primary)
  • "

    The large bank of questions set out in similar sections to the exam helped with the initial revision. Nearing the exam date the mock exams were particularly useful and representative of what comes up. In addition the explanations given to each question are a helpful tool to highlight learning needs.

    Dr French, Emergency Medicine Trainee, UK (Intermediate)
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    I passed the MRCEM Intermediate exam at first attempt. The questions in this database tremendously helped me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you so much.

    Dr Razak, Malaysia (Intermediate)

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