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Finger Amputation

A 28-year-old male presents as a transfer from an urgent care with report of left-hand injury. He is a construction worker and was using a table saw when he injured his left hand. The amputated part is wrapped in a plastic bag. He is right-handed. Triage vital signs include BP 123/74, HR 98, T 98.8F oral, RR 16, SpO2 97% on RA. Imaging from outside hospital are below.

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A quick primer on hypocalcemia in the ED.

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Pulmonary Embolism

A 35-year-old male presents with tachycardia and hypoxia. His lungs are clear, and his cardiac exam is normal other than the tachycardia. ECG demonstrates sinus tachycardia, and chest x-ray is normal.

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Monkeypox is a poxviridae virus closely related to smallpox (variola).  It was first described in humans in 1970 and has since become endemic in parts of Africa.  In recent weeks, clusters of cases have been described in several countries prompting us to revisit this topic as it is not one we typically deal with in the ED.

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Priapism is compartment syndrome of the penis. Ischemia and infarction can occur with prolonged priapism and rapid treatment and detumescence is critical

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