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What's the Diagnosis?

A 75 yo M presents to the ED after a mechanical fall w/ L facial pain and swelling. He fell forward, hitting his face on the ground. He denies LOC and is not on anticoagulation. On exam, there is noted L eyelid swelling. PERRLA, and EOM and vision are intact. A CT of the facial bones is done and shown below. What’s the diagnosis?

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Septic Bursitis

A 44-year-old male presents after several days of redness, pain, and swelling to his right elbow that he noticed while roofing.  He is otherwise healthy and has no medical or surgical history.  Vital signs are notable for a temperature of 100.6°F.  Exam reveals fluctuance, warmth, and mild erythema over the olecranon process without any obvious signs of trauma or skin breakdown.  Active range of motion is limited, but passive range of motion is preserved. What is your differential diagnosis?

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Oral Nitroglycerin for Food Impaction

Oral nitroglycerin didn’t seem to be particularly effective for esophageal food impaction (EFI) in this small, non-blinded single arm study. Only 11.8%, or 2/17 patients, had relief of their symptoms after NTG administration.

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Nail Basics

Nail pain is a common chief complaint in the emergency department. To understand the different injuries and how to repair them, it is important to have a good understanding of nail and fingertip anatomy.

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