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COVID Pulmonary Physiology

Interview with Martin Tobin on 3 papers he has recently written on COVID pulmonary physiology.

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Slit Lamp 101

Do you avoid the slit lamp at all costs because it intimidates you?  Start getting comfortable with the components of the Weiss SL 120 Slit Lamp in this guide.

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Haloperidol for Treatment of Headache

Headache is a common chief complaint that emergency physicians encounter almost every day and sometimes multiple times in each shift. In fact, headache is the fifth leading cause of patients presenting to the emergency department (ED).1 Current first-line treatment consists of a dopamine antagonist such as prochlorperazine or metoclopramide which are given in addition to diphenhydramine to mitigate any potential adverse effects. A recent study has shown that IV haloperidol, another dopamine antagonist, was equivalent to IV metoclopramide in the successful treatment of headaches in the ED.

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VP Shunts

This is a common presentation and one that can be challenging to manage. Missing a shunt problem can have catastrophic consequences. This post will take you through some pearls and pitfalls of managing children with VP shunts presenting to the ED.

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Priapism and Urinary Retention

In this month’s main episode podcast on “Urologic Emergencies –  Priapism and Urinary Retention” with Dr. Natalie Wolpert and Dr. Yonah Krakowsky we answer questions such as: for priapism, how much time to do we have to fix it before there’s irreversible tissue damage? How is priapism managed differently depending on the cause? What is the value of a corporal blood gas for managing priapism? What are the indications for cavernosal phenylephrine injections?

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